How to Create WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap A-Z

How to Create WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap A-Z

How to Create WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap A-Z

#001 WordPress and Bootstrap?  

#002 Get to know Bootstrap 3 Mobile trends and responsive web development

#003 Wordpress Themes Why Themes are so popular with developers and site owners

#004 Rough draft Included elements to talk about the needs with the customer 

#005 Up and running with Bootstrap Get the development environment ready and setup

#006 Look and Feel Beautiful color schem

#007 Bootstrap Header design Adding our logo and creating a nice menu structure

#008 Glyphicons in Bootstrap Great for adding light weight graphics to the design

#009 Footer Design Embedding a Google Map and an address to the footer re 

#010 Carousel Adding a sweet slide show Bootstrap element to the design

#011 Carousel Adding real images and the Finished Boostrap 3 Prototype Walkthroug

#012 Bootstrap CDN A better way

#013 Begin from Scratch Step by Step Empty folder to a working WordPress T

#014 Slicing up the design From the Bootstrap 3 design into the slick new WP Theme

#015 The Loop Get in touch with the workings of the WordPress core

#016 Hooking into the navigation Making sure the WP navigation works the way I wan  

#017 Create a screenshot for the working WordPress Bootstrap 3 Theme 

#018 Adding real world data using Export Import from the working WordPress site  

#019 Connecting the WordPress menu system into the Bootstrap 3 desig 

#020 single.php - the simple way to display a single WordPress post in a nice way

#021 page.php - equally simple way to display a page in WordPress

#022 category.php - now we are getting more advanced and adventurous in WP Theme part 

#023 category.php - fixing small problems and adding a cool effect in WordPress part 2

#024 Integrating the marketing messages with the Bootstrap Glyphicons into WordPres

#025 Integrating the Bootstrap Carousel into the WordPress theme

 #026 Sidebar Widgetizing our WordPress the

#027 Customize Admin Panel: Allow user to change branding logo

#028 Customize Admin Panel: Connect the theme with the new branding and logo

Section 1: Lessons